Unlimited Imagination reflection on stone

“Prestige Countertops” was established in 1984 in Izmir. Our company got involved in several project in domestic area working with pioneering companies in quartz sector such as Çimstone, Belenco, Silestone and Caesarstone.

In 2012, Our company startded exporting in stone sector such as marble, travertine, quartz,granit, onyx ect.

“Prestige Countertops” has taken part in Brickell City Center project in Miami with exporting 55.000 square meters of marble.

International Projects

In 2016, brand registration certificate was taken and corporate name was changed as “Prestige Marble”

Today, Prestige Marble are active in manufacturing countertops , designer tables and stone sector such as marble, travertine, onyx, granit.

Prestige Marble has more than 2000 client portfolio in domestic market with architectural, constructional, individual works and reached clients in USA, Europe , Russia, and Middle East.



▪ To ensure continuity by keeping customer satisfaction at the top level with timely and reliable working principle,

▪ To provide service solutions with dynamic working team, follow innovations, give direction to the sector.



▪ To ensure continuity of customer satisfaction with combining quality and pricing with common point, to ensure the continuity and satisfaction of employees,

▪ To move our brand to the future with right strategy, investment and policy,

▪ As Prestige Marble, to become pioneer in domestic and foreign projects and activities , create competition, contribute to the economy.